What Should Companies Look At When Hiring?

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What Should Companies Look At When Hiring?

When making the hard decision of who to interview, and ultimately hire, among thousands of applicants, there are some easy ways to weed out who still need a little refinement.

Weed out whoever didn’t follow directions.

Many companies ask for more than just a standard resume, in order to gauge the personality, creativity, and writing skills of an applicant (in addition to their qualifications). The application instructions could ask for anything from a work sample to a hand-drawn picture. If an applicant fails to follow special instructions, it shows that he or she does not pay close attention.

Weed out whoever has spelling or grammar mistakes in their application materials.

Companies want applicants who are accurate, detail-oriented, and organized. If a resume or cover letter is littered with mistakes, it means that applicant is lazy, has inferior spelling and grammar skills, or just doesn’t care that much about the job.

Weed out whoever sends just a resume.

Applicants should include at least a cover letter with their applications, to show they are serious about the job and not just applying everywhere. A cover letter should be read through meticulously, should apply directly to the position they’re applying for, and should have spectacular grammar. A cover letter is also a great way to gauge a candidate’s creativity and personality, so a cover letter provides significantly more insight into a potential hire than just a resume.

Don’t weed out a great candidate who doesn’t fit the job description perfectly.

There may be a lot of great applicants who are hardworking, creative and a good fit for the company culture, but just don’t have the skills you’re looking for. Don’t weed them out just yet! Skills can be taught on the job. If they can demonstrate the ability to master new skills and adapt quickly, give them another look.

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