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The Value of Loyal Talent

Since employing a loyal workforce is beneficial to the company’s reputation and efficiency, and losing employees hurts a company’s bottom line, it is important to hire individuals that your company is willing to invest in. Cultivate loyalty and hire selectively for positions and company fit, instead of just hiring bodies to fill chairs.

Strategic Planning

Profiles Asia Pacific is offering a two-day course that will help you define what you want to do, and how to get everyone on board. This workshop is recommended for managers, supervisors, HR consultants, and anyone who communications with company leaders and employees to create and implement strategic plans.

Modern Business Trends: How the Philippines Compares

The 2014 International Business Report found that emerging markets such as the Philippines are modernist; with leaders who are more likely to use coaching, creativity and intuition. Modernist markets also have more women in leadership positions, and leaders of dynamic businesses are more open to a range of improvement techniques such as skills assessments and developing peer networks.

Becoming a Trainer

The Profiles Asia Pacific Train the Trainer workshop is a two-day session that orients the participants with the requisites of a successful training program. Participants study the principles of adult learning, which particular training methodology to use, how to enliven the training and how to prepare a training course design. At the end of the course, participants would have studied the dynamics of the training process, learned the art of adopting an effective training methodology, [...]

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Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery improves teamwork and helps individuals improve themselves. The Profiles Asia Pacific Personal Mastery workshop is designed for anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness and performance at the organizational, interpersonal and personal levels. This two-day workshop, held from July 23 to 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., will teach you how to effectively manage your energy, re-frame your self-image, and use proper approaches for influencing people. This workshop is aimed at anyone who [...]

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