The game changing impact of forming a single market and production base involving 10 countries and 600 million people, with a combined GDP of $23 Trillion, warrants strategic preparedness and focused market positioning.

The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines (IMPHIL) has embarked on a campaign to provide critical information to all management consultants in the country on the need to strengthen sectors they serve; and prepare themselves and their clients for unparalleled access to markets as well as unparalelled competition. Vulnerable sectors are especially important since the products may be overwhelmed even in the local market by better technology, massive branding, and calculated adaptation.

“Consultancy Beyond Borders”-Implications and Opportunities is the conference title. The Conference is an open invitation to Professional Management Consultants and practitioners providing advisory services, technical and managerial assistance, training and capacity building capabilities to any sectoral group, cooperative, people’s organization or business operation of any size throughout the country.

IMPHIL, founded in 1985, is the only government recognized association of management consulting firms. It is also a founding member of the Confederation of Filipino Consultants (COFILCO). In 2013, IMPHIL was assigned to manage the accreditation of Consultants and the validation of claimed expertise and accomplishments for all government and foreign funded projects for bidding.

Recently, IMPHIL has partnered with the International Certification for Management Consultants (ICMC) to certify Filipino professionals as technically trained and professionally equipped International specialists upon completion of a process of accreditation. The ICMC is a globally recognized and respected certification body whose list of certified consultants/specialists/experts are logged in a database, to enable potential clients in any country to verify and validate consultants’ respective expertise.

The first leg of the conference will be held in Cebu Grand Convention Center, Cebu City on June 27, 2014. Registration will be open at 8:00 AM, and the conference will officially commence at 9:00 AM. For reservations call (Cebu) 318 5132, (Manila) Amy at 893 5005 and 892 1880 and Cherry at; 631 0281. Or, you can email us at, or visit the website at

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