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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – The Basics

A company LinkedIn page is vital for connecting to talent and opportunities. Having a LinkedIn presence is great for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer companies since it shows what services are available through your company. A LinkedIn profile is the equivalent of a Facebook profile for the business world, and is a company’s social networking

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Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

Intelligence quotient (IQ) measures intelligence and reveals a person’s cognitive ability and logical thinking. Emotional quotient (EQ) reveals a person’s ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of others. Studies show that EQ may have an even stronger influence on company executives’ effectiveness than IQ or technical competence. With every organization’s commitment to efficiency,

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A Health Seminar in the Greek Islands

Continue your education in the Greek isles for a Gestalt study trip and workshop! This five-day active workshop will take place on the Island of Tinos, learning and living the concepts of holistic health work. The Gestalt health and work trip will take a small group through three different levels of learning; touristic observation, student

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Job Evaluation Public Seminar

Individuals in human resources or any level of management should understand how to evaluate employee performance. Profiles Asia Pacific will be offering a Job Evaluation seminar from May 29 to 30, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that is designed to equip participants with the skills to evaluate the jobs being done in a company. In

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