How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – The Basics

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – The Basics

A company LinkedIn page is vital for connecting to talent and opportunities. Having a LinkedIn presence is great for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer companies since it shows what services are available through your company. A LinkedIn profile is the equivalent of a Facebook profile for the business world, and is a company’s social networking “face.” Below are a few simple ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page for great results, aesthetics and connections.

  • Upon creating your company page, get followers by emailing employees and current customers. Utilize email lists, newsletters, and databases to get the word out. Insert a follow button on your website and blogs, and promote your new LinkedIn profile on other social media channels.
  • Make sure your company profile picture is your logo for the sake of brand recognition.
  • LinkedIn banner images similar to Facebook cover images. They are 646 x 220 pixel images displayed at the top of your company page. Make it eye-catching and it can bring your page to life! It can include a call-to-action, your company colors, or your brand.
  • Your company “about” information should be up-to-date, free of spelling or grammar errors, and succinct. This is a great place to insert your mission statement and a little bit of history.
  • Choose your specialties wisely, and only use relevant keywords to describe your company so that you will show up on relevant LinkedIn searches.

Begin optimizing your LinkedIn company page today, and find talent, clients and exposure for your company. Keep an eye out on the Profiles Asia Pacific blog for further tips on optimizing your LinkedIn page.

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