Continue your education in the Greek isles for a Gestalt study trip and workshop! This five-day active workshop will take place on the Island of Tinos, learning and living the concepts of holistic health work. The Gestalt health and work trip will take a small group through three different levels of learning; touristic observation, student “living learning” and expert evaluation.

What to Learn
We want to introduce some basics of gestalt-facilitation: clarify scenarios – focus on details, and open awareness for alternatives, which may upgrade professional competence for coaches, managers, trainers or people who work in medical or health services and who want to get into a holistic and humanistic way to be – and to do a job.

Visit Epidaurus and Delphi where healers and the priests practiced. Get in touch with a holistic system of partner care-taking; offering theatre for social learning. This touristic event will offer a perspective towards the Humanistic, holistic concept.

  1. The Classic ways of ancient Greek medicine, developed in Epidaurus and personalized by faithful alternative in Delfi and her local oracle stops. This classic tour model offers first class data.
  2. The actual concept of gestalt-health-work, as an encounter of symptoms, seen as an individual lifestyle; holistic work uses integrated personality. The group members will join a gestalt workshop on the Island of Tinos.
  3. The introduction to medicine, applied at Dresden University. Learn about the working system in a modern clinic.

Where to Stay
Mantalou International Institute offers a guest house overlooking the sea and local simple Aegean hospitality. There is an open-minded atmosphere and efficient learning setting to get to know tools for facilitation and self-organization.
Basic facilitation competences and the integration of Humanistic concepts into your personal and professional ID are the main goals of this Gestalt-lab.

A stay in Tinos may give access to structure your own way of life and work with an extended awareness for integration of body, mind and emotion.

For more information, please contact Prof. Hans Lenhard or Fatima Dosado at the Gestalt Institute Manila,

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