Assessment-Based Solutions to Better Productivity

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Assessment-Based Solutions to Better Productivity

Do you believe that your company is operating at full efficiency? Company money and time are often wasted due to lacking project coordination. In evaluating whether your company is in need of more effective coordination skills, ask a few of the following questions.

  • Do your projects meet their deadlines, or are they often delayed?
  • Do your employees utilize the valuable resources available to them?
  • Are budgets exceeded often?
  • Is customer service a nightmare due to lack of departmental communication/education?
  • Do all your employees understand your company strategy and goals?
  • Do a few departments always seem to be pulling the entire company back?

If these questions have highlighted some needed improvements in your company, consider investing in your human assets, before they cost you monetary assets. Before hiring any employee, be sure to assess whether they will fit with your current team, and take special note of their coordination skills. There are a number of profiling assessments that can help determine who will be a good communicator, which will help your company avoid bad project coordination.

Once you have hired your team, be sure to train and develop them. Expose them to team building exercises, and scenarios where they will need to coordinate marketing activities, company events, product launches, and cross-departmental functions. Eventually, your team will be able to work together and create a cohesive and cooperative work environment.

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