Many companies in sales today utilize the phone as a sales tool, at least part of the time. Business owners, telesales, customer service teams, and any individual who can benefit from telephone communication skills should evaluate where the telephone fits into your sales and marketing mix.

One of the important concepts in telemarketing is building trust and respect between the caller and potential customer. As a telemarketer, you need to warm your sales approach and reduce fear of cold calling, make a positive first impression, and speak directly to the decision-maker.

A workshop on telemarketing will be offered on Friday, April 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The workshop will teach participants how the telephone can supplement, enhance, and replace other means of marketing and selling. Participants will also cover how to hone communication skills, persuasion and add a personal approach to increase sales success.

A few things the workshop will cover;

  • Creating a script to maximize efficiency on the phone
  • What to say to create interest, manage objections, and close a sale
  • Separating your company from the competition

The workshop will also cover something called the Johari window, a concept in psychology that helps individuals determine personal characteristics that they are aware of and not aware of.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Leonardo Garcia, Jr, who holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and Doctoral Degree in Business Administration. He also took up an advanced course on Advanced Marketing Management Program. He is an Agora Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education and a Certified Professional Marketer. He is also an Accredited Marketing Educator and a professorial lecturer in several universities. Dr. Garcia is the past President of Phil., Marketing Association and the past President of the Association of Marketing Educators.

Visit the People Dynamics website to register.

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