Hire Someone You Would Work For

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Hire Someone You Would Work For

Hiring one candidate over another is a tough decision. When there are multiple skilled candidates whose qualifications fit the job requirements, how does a HR manager decide who to hire?

Here’s a tip: Hire someone you would want to work for.

There are a number of underlying traits that determine whether or not someone would be a good boss, and those traits are important to consider in all employees.

Standards also go up when considering who to work for vs. who to hire. You want to hire someone who is intelligent, but you want to work for someone who takes intelligence a step further into innovation. You hire someone who is a hard worker, but you want to work for someone who can balance work and personal life with good time management skills, and still get top results.

Look for humility. If a newly employed worker is proud and not open to criticism, he or she will not be a good boss. Employers who lack humility are likely to ignore suggestions, push responsibility to others and cause low employee retention rates.

Look for leadership. Because of the opportunity for internal promotion, every employee should have the potential to lead. Leaders are also valuable when problems arise, since they are quick to handle the situation and willing to step into a position of authority when no one else is.

Look for integrity. Good leaders are always trustworthy. They can be trusted to treat their employees fairly, run a business honestly, and handle problems with integrity. These are all valuable characteristics in an employee.

Look for problem-solvers. Leaders can solve difficult problems with integrity, instead of waiting for someone else to hand them a solution. Employees need to be able to think logically to overcome obstacles, preferably well enough to be a leader.

Finally, look for someone who fits the company culture. Whether he or she is an intern or a manager, all employees need to get along with their coworkers, bosses, and the people who work below them.

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