The three-day HPD-Gestalt Health and Stress Management Workshop is scheduled for this weekend and will teach participants how to take care of their body in different ways. The workshop will focus on integrating mind, body and emotion to harmonize well-being and integrate the psychological health into physical health. The workshop will introduce alternative ways to look at symptoms and pains, and will go over a different understanding of pain and different ways of caring for yourself.

Symptoms of illness, such as pain, are designed to inform a person about a need that is not being met. Workshop participants will undergo experiments to better grasp the source of their symptoms and will try multiple techniques to get in touch with their physical selves. Individual processing of a person’s life story or critical moments will provide insight into what he or she needs, and will help you improve the relationship between your body, mind and emotion. A workshop facilitator will be present throughout the sessions.

After participants have learned to modify the way they think about holistic health, the will learn to examine their psychological and physical state in the moment. This will provide insight into different alternative ways of living in a more responsible way concerning personal health.

About Gestalt Holistic Health

The actual concept of gestalt healthwork is encountering symptoms as an expression of social and individual stress; holistic work wants to integrate body, mind and emotion on the way to form and develop a balanced and integrated personality. An important part is efficient communication in form of emphatic dialoguing in a partner-oriented way. The HPD-gestalt concept is based on Fritz Perl’s innovation of gestalt-therapy and a gestalt pedagogical approach for personal growth. Within Humanistic Psychology, gestalt-work is a holistic and integrative way to develop the human potentials of body, mind and emotion.

This workshop is a joint venture of the Gestalt Institute Manila, Mantalou International Institute, UP Diliman, and Profiles Asia Pacific. The workshop will be held February 21 to 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily in the HPD studio, Palma Hall Annex, 3rd Floor Department of Psychology, UP Diliman, Quezon City. The workshop fee is PHP8,200 and doesn’t include VAT tax.

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