By Jabrielle Vincee Delfin
Marketing Associate, Profiles Asia Pacific

Talent acquisition has become the heavy artillery in the war for talent. In the ultra-competitive world in which we live, organizations with the right people in the right jobs at the right time stand to win big.

Last Wednesday, People Dynamics Inc. held a learning session on The 4Bs of Talent Acquisition. Conducted by Mr. Malcolm Pick, CEO of People Dynamics Inc. and Dr. Vida Caparas, Ph. D., the 4Bs of Talent Acquisition helped 16 attendees from different organizations determine which approach is the best in talent acquisition.

Attendees from KLMA Philippines, Hafele Philippines Inc., Aboitiz Jebsen Company Inc., Jamila & Company Security Services Inc., Shangri-La Plaza, For His Glory Multipurpose Cooperative, Philippine Veterans Bank and Philippines Public Safety College benefited from the said seminar, discovering how to develop internal talent (build), how to redeploy talent (bounce), how to recruit outside talent(buy), and how to procure contingent or contract labor (borrow).

All in all the learning session was a productive one, and it surely made the attendees come back for more learning sessions and training programs. For a list of all our other programs, click on our training calendar here. For a gallery of the event, click <a>here</a>.

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