Sleep Your Way to the Top

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Sleep Your Way to the Top

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By Yvonne Manzi
Guest Writer, University of London

In this short and quirky TED talk, Arianna Huffington attacks the trending culture of sleep deprivation as a way of being more productive and reaching success. We should, she says “literally sleep our way to the top”, because a sleep deprived person is not a productive person. Being terribly busy and fitting an unthinkable number of activities within a day may give us a feeling of accomplishment and productivity, but in the long run will drain us of energy, pace and creativity – all traits that are key to the successful individual.

Can’t sleep well? Here are a few simple tips to help you get those extra Z’s at night.

1. Keep regular hours so you can have a set body clock
2. Create a restful and pleasant sleeping environment
3. Exercise regularly (but not before bedtime!)
4. Make sure your bed is clean and comfortable (keep it tidy)
5. Tone down the caffeine – even if you drink it in the morning, it upsets your natural balance
6. Don’t overindulge in caffine, smoke, food or alcohol
7. Write away your worries – keep a journal so you don’t mull everything over before bedtime

…and if all else fails, don’t drink liters of coffee but learn to nap! A 20 minute nap can completely revive you.

So take it from Arianna, “the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is getting more sleep.”

See the TED talk here: How to Succeed? Get more sleep.

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