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Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and best wishes all around. The holiday season is a time to be grateful for all that we have, reflect on what we’ve accomplished together, and look forward to future endeavors.

A sincere thank you from the team at Profiles Asia Pacific. We wish all of our clients, partners, and their families a very happy holiday season.

Happy holidays

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Improving Employee Morale

Keeping motivation high as the year comes to a close is important to keep your teams working well, instead of checking out early on vacation. Boosting employee morale not only helps your retention rates, it can also improve performance. Happy employees are more helpful, proactive, and productive; traits that go on to benefit your customers and your business.

Here are a few different ways you can improve morale in the office.

  • Have a hard stop. Don’t schedule your holiday party one week before work lets out. Once you’ve had that celebration, let your employees shift mindset to vacation mode, but no sooner.
  • Show you care and notice good work by telling your employees what you appreciate the most. If your team is small enough, do this individually. It’s a great opportunity to show that you’ve been paying attention to the meticulousness of one salesperson, or the innovation of an HR manager.
  • Give incentive to finish strong by showing numbers. If you’re close to hitting a goal, make those numbers internally transparent so your team can monitor how far they have to go to hit the targets.
  • Look for non-monetary incentives. Although a end-of-year bonus is a common expectation, not all companies (especially new ones or startups) can afford it. Even if your business does provide financial bonuses, you can also surprise and delight your teams. Lean toward experiences, or thoughtful gifts you know they could use.

Want more ideas? Here’s some extra reading material to help you get started.

Keep an eye on our public seminars, as we occasionally host a Motivating Your Workforce seminar.

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Stay productive despite holiday traffic

Sitting in traffic sucks, and it’s especially bad during the holidays. The mix of people on their way to parties, friends and relatives back in town, and last minute shoppers scrambling for gifts can create a truly terrifying “carmageddon.”

However, it’s important not to let the unusually congested roads cut into your productivity. Here are a few tips to remain engaged and productive on the road.

Invest in a portable WiFi device

Having an Internet connection with you where you go will allow you to stay in touch with work via emails, check on the company blog or website, and work on your online project management tool of choice. If you don’t have data on your mobile plan, getting a WiFi device will allow you to connect to the Internet from your phone or even your laptop. As long as you have enough space and enough battery, you’ll be able to work on your laptop during your commute.

Check the app store for tools you use on your computer

Many of the tools that you use for work might be available as apps, which means you’ll be able to use them from your phone. Tools like Basecamp, Google Docs, and Evernote are all available as apps. If there’s any work you need a tool to do, check to see if that tool is available as an app so you can work on your phone. For example, if you’re a manager, you can write up a project draft and send it to your team via Trello’s mobile app.

Bring work related or business reading material

As annoying as traffic is, your commute can be a great time to catch up on project briefs, team reports, and other reading you have piling up. If you work in HR, take the time to read through some resumes on the train. If you’re a designer, read your project descriptions and the blog posts you’re creating images for so that you have a good idea of what they need.

Make business calls and have virtual meetings

If you’re traveling in a private car, taxi, or ride sharing service, where a call won’t disturb anyone, it might be a good idea to take calls and have on-the-go meetings. Bring a set of headphones with you to help with call quality. If you want to take it a step further, invest in an online video conferencing tool you can use with your phone that allows you to record your meetings.

Download a podcast to listen to

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay up-to-date in your industry. If you’re in marketing, Buffer put together a list of top marketing podcasts, which you can listen to on your way to work. They’re great for brainstorming, and you may get an idea or two for your business while you’re dealing with traffic.

Learn something new on audio

In addition to podcasts, there’s a lot of educational material out there that you can listen to on your commute. If you want to learn a new language, listen to a business seminar, or attend an online statistics course, you can do it while sitting in traffic.

Disclaimer: Remember to stay safe and keep others safe on the roads. If you are driving instead of commuting, stick to activities that don’t distract you from driving.

What do you do to stay productive during your commutes? Share your tips in the comments below!

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GENOS Emotional Intelligence now in the Philippines: Free consultations

Profiles Asia Pacific and Facilitator Deiric McCann are partnering to bring the GENOS Emotional Intelligence program to the Philippines. This international program goes over six skill scales and covers emotionally intelligent workplace behavior. Our first workshop was launched on November 15-16, 2016, where participants learned how to design and sell EI solutions, develop individual and team EI, and design EI development sessions.

One participant of that flagship workshop, Ruby Manalac, says;

“We saw that there is more to work than tasks. More to careers than the corporate ladder and more to leadership than just driving the numbers upwards. We work with people. We manage our careers and balance it with our personal lives. Why do we need to sacrifice relationships to move up? The better question is why does it need to be lonely at the top?”

Each participant walked away with a new knowledge of how to demonstrate EI in the workplace, and a globally recognized certification from GENOS.

The reason GENOS is so special is because it doesn’t measure someone’s EQ, like many other tests. Instead, it discovers how someone applies emotionally intelligent behavior in their professional lives. In two days, you’ll understand how important it is to perceive and understand emotions, because they affect so much of our personal and, more importantly, professional behaviors.

Want to get certified?

GENOS International Intelligence consultations are free, and a great place to start. Our team can help you decide whether this certification is right for you, explain the mechanics of how it works, and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

Image from: Genos International

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31st IMPHIL Anniversary

The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines (IMPHIL) will be having their 31st Anniversary Celebration on December 15, starting the day with a symposium on business management systems.


Welcome address

President, Profiles Asia Pacific
President, IMPHIL

Launching of IMPHIL’s Enterprise Development Program for Quezon City Sikap Buhay Office and Rotary International District 3780

Past President, IMPHIL and Governor, RI D3780


Business Management System

MR. MELITO S. SALAZAR, Dean, School of Accountancy and Management, Centro Escolar University/Chairman Emeritus, IMPHIL

MR. CESAR P. BALTAZAR, PhD, President, ICareer Academy/Past President, IMPHIL

MR. ORLANDO P. PEÑA, President, Asia Business Consultants/President Emeritus, IMPHIL

Christmas Lunch

Raffle, Gift Giving and Blowing of Anniversary Cake

Intermission Number

General Membership Meeting

Election of Board of Directors and Officers

A special message

We would also like to congratulate the new Sikap Buhay Office and Rotary!

Sikap Buhal Plaque of Appreciation for Jocelyn Pick

Want to join us?

IMPHIL is an organization of world class management consultants based in the Philippines. Their mission is to promote and develop the practice of management consulting that meets world standards of excellence. Learn more about becoming a member.

There is an urgent need for credible Filipino management consultants to participate in global opportunities. To open up these opportunities, IMPHIL plans to implement a training and certification program for all incoming members, which means each IMPHIL member will be a reliable resource for managers.

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Lean Management Certification

With organizations under more pressure to “do more with less” Lean Management offers an approach to optimize processes, eliminate waste and maximize value by developing people in a way that makes the best use of their brainpower. Lean Management certification is a sought-after globally recognized qualification in quality management and leadership development. It will significantly enhance workforce productivity as well as motivate your team to achieve new levels of performance excellence in all levels of the organization.

Earn the Lean Management Certificate of completion when you attend our Lean Management Certification from December 13-14. Any current and future managers, individual contributors, and organizational change agents would benefit from this certification.


Register now

This course will change your current assumptions about improvement “that’s the way we have always done it,” equip participants with simple and practical problem solving tools for everyday improvement, and show us how to coach colleagues and family members to think Lean.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Lean Management Philosophy
  • The need for Kaizen in work and life
  • Best Practice: Review of the most powerful improvement habits
  • Studying your Success Habits
  • The elements of creating successful habits
  • The Top 10 Mistakes in Behavioral Change
  • The 8 Wastes
  • Video Case Study: Learning to see
  • Identifying Waste in your work
  • Video Case Study: The definition of value

Day 2

  • The Practical Problem Solving Method
  • Process Mapping
  • Identifying Root Cause (The 5 Whys)
  • Challenging Assumptions
  • Go See / Go Ask / Go Measure
  • Case Study: The team that improved by 1% everyday
  • Error Proofing and Standard Work
  • Visual Management and KPI’s
  • Case Study: Best Practices from the worlds highest performing companies.
  • How to make Daily Kaizen the new norm in your business

Register now

A course fee of P 11,500 plus VAT includes instruction by an expert facilitator, small group workshops, a specialized student manual, personalized certificate of participation, and AM/PM snacks and lunch.

About the Facilitator

Mike Grogan is a Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Internationally recognized Expert in Performance Improvement. Mike has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University College Dublin. In 2006 Mike first got exposed to Lean Management while working with Pharmaceutical Multinational Merck/MSD. Both in the UK and the USA Mike learned first-hand from Toyota Production System Consultants and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belts on obtaining a deep understanding of what is required for implementation to be successful. Since then Irish native Mike, has professional trained and coached Lean to over 100 organizations in eight countries around the world. In 2013 Mike was international recognized as the first to successfully bring Lean to Healthcare in East Africa. Today Mike lives in Metro Manila where he passionately believes in the genius of the Filipino. Mikes work in the Philippines has been featured in dozens of Filipino news publications including interviews and features in ANC, The Business Mirror and Rappler.

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Public Workshop: Personal Financial Management

Every individual knows the value of managing his or her personal finances and importance of wise personal financial decisions. Each year, more and more Filipinos are experiencing financial difficulty due to poor financial planning and management of their hard earned money leading to bankruptcy and accumulation of credit card debts.

Our public workshop on personal financial management on December 9 will teach participants how to manage their personal finances and how to make wise decisions for their current and long- term well-being. It enhances their financial skills that will enable them to confidently handle the challenges that they face daily financially.

Register Now

Participants will analyze the process for making personal financial decisions, develop personal financial goals, assess personal and economic factors that influence personal financial planning, calculate time value of money situations associated with personal financial decisions, and identify strategies for achieving personal financial goals for different life situations.

Investment: P 8,500 + 12%vat

Course Outline

Track 1: Personal Financial Planning
a. What is Personal Financial Planning?
b. Financial Planning Process: Steps 1-6

Track 2: Developing Financial Goals
a. Types of Financial Goals
b. Goal Setting Guidelines
c. Life Stages Financial Planning
d. 4 Needs

Track 3: Influences on Personal Financial Planning
a. Life Situation & Personal Values
b. Economic Factors

Track 4: Opportunity Costs and Time Value of Money
a. Personal Opportunity Costs
b. Financial Opportunity Costs
c. Time Value of Money: Financial Planning calculations

Track 5: Achieving Financial Goals
a. Components of Financial Goals
b. Developing a Flexible Financial Plan
c. Implementing your Financial Plan

Track 6: Workshop
a. Designing your Personal Finance Plan

Register Now

About the Facilitator

Cally Tiosejo is a Licensed Financial Consultant. Her job includes advising people of the importance of Financial Planning and conduct Corporate Financial Wellness Programs. She is also a resource speaker in various modules in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Events Management Business Operations, Project Management, and Admin Management. Her fields of interest are Coaching on Career Path for employees, and Mentoring on Leadership.

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Your Business Holiday Checklist

Now that December is here, it’s important to go over your business holiday checklist to make sure everything is ready for the busy months and next year. Here are some things we advise taking care of this month.

Send cards

Say hello to your customers and stay top-of-mind. Sending a holiday card out is a nice way to let your clients know you’re thinking about them this season, and that you appreciate them. You can have a graphic designer put together a branded card, or use a personal touch such as a photo of your team. Alternatively, you can send holiday emails to your clients, or get creative and send a gif of your founder dressed as Santa.

Create buzz

Breaking through the holiday noise is difficult, but if you can create enough buzz around your brand you can get people excited about it during this exciting season. Some ideas for building excitement include;

  • Publicize holiday events
  • Offer special promotions
  • Roll out holiday shipping specials
  • Create a special holiday landing page featuring your most popular items

Schedule social media

Since the holidays can get busy, prepare and pre-schedule your social media posts for the season to make sure there’s no lull in your profiles. This includes any promotions, planned events, and special offers. If you know that your popular items are going to be on clearance on a certain day, schedule posts to go out that day, and don’t forget to let people know where they can purchase.

Learn from the past

If you’ve been operating for a while now, you may have metrics and analytics from previous holidays. Take those numbers and pay attention to any trends you may see. Which channel brought in most of your sales last year? Put more effort into marketing through that channel this year. Take a look at your email marketing, social media, content marketing, and any other way you drove sales in the past.

Map out your marketing

The holidays are an important time for business. Not only is it a great opportunity to hit end-of-year targets, you also get to plan out your next quarter. For some industries, such as primarily B2B ones, December can be a quiet month used to map out your marketing for 2017. Meet with your teams and set clear goals and benchmarks for the next year.

More holiday business reading

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