Mission and Vision


Superior client satisfaction is our primary concern

As the leading provider of internet and computer-based talent assessment instruments in the Philippines (and the related services to which it has lead us, namely learning and development, and HR consultancies) we the employees of Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. (Profiles) and People Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), are committed to maintain and continuously enhance our customer focused value as evidence of our QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Our quest for superior client servicing will jointly sustain a culture that recognizes the value of its people and their talents.

We ensure QUALITY OF OPERATIONS with on time delivery of products and services and maintain confidence in our organization by living up to our stakeholders’ expectations. Through this advocacy, we will invest on QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS not only for the company and its processes but also its human resources.


Our mission is to be the industry’s leading provider of assessment-based talent management solutions in the Philippines

We commit to live by the principles of collaboration and self-empowerment and thereby serve as a model for organizations to create a work environment that drives continual personal growth.

We will at all times maintain our principles and integrity, honesty and quality.


We want to help build a Filipino society that: values its people; inspires people to empower themselves; fosters personal growth; and creates opportunities for individual prosperity.

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