Profiles International, Inc. (PI)

was established in 1991 in Texas, USA. It had amongst its stated objectives that of providing employers with current, valid and easy to use employment assessment instruments, so that they could make better use of their human capital resources. It operated initially in North America, where it now has tens of thousands of clients, both large and small. It is the world’s innovator and leader in the development and distribution of employment related assessments. Profiles now has affiliates in over one hundred countries. Assessments have been translated and validated in sixteen languages (and growing).

Deficiencies with Current Testing Instruments

Profiles noted when if was founded in 1991, that there were many deficiencies with the then available instruments, many of which are still in use. Amongst these deficiencies were:

  • Almost all instruments in use were developed for the purpose of diagnosing specific clinical conditions, NOT for the purpose of employment evaluation.
  • Most needed to be interpreted by a trained psychologist.
  • They had cultural and other biases, and did not fulfill the legal/labor codes for none discrimination.
  • They were not updated neither were they representative of current personality theory, nor representative of the changing employment pool.
  • They had no available validation studies.


In short, they possibly did a fine job of clinical diagnosis (for which they were developed), but were not only unreliable, but also invalid and in some cases illegal, when applied to the workplace.

The Profiles’ Solution

To overcome these difficulties, Profiles has slowly developed a completely new set of employee related assessment instruments, literally from the ground up whilst making full use of prior research. Additional information on Profiles International may be found at:


Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. (PAP)

is the Philippine affiliate of Profiles International. Launched in 1998, the corporation is registered with the SEC with 20% foreign ownership. As exclusive distributor of PI products, Profiles Asia Pacific markets directly to client companies and has an established dealer network. PAP provides training and support to both dealers and end users alike. PAP’s office is located in the Ortigas Center area of Metro Manila.

Where appropriate, assessments are translated into Tagalog.

Skills Testing

In 2001, PAP took on a second affiliation that of computer-based “skills” oriented testing which nicely complements the psychometric assessments of PI. Literally hundreds of performances based testing modules are available to our clients using the Internet. Additional information can be found at:



Based on the success and acceptance of the instruments offered, PAP has undergone a period of considerable expansion branching out into other assessment related activities including:

  1. Assessment-based coaching and training
  2. Assessment-based OD services including ODA a One Day “Assessment Center/ Development Center” service
  3. College and High School Entrance Testing/Assessment
  4. HR consulting in OD and change management
  5. eLearning tools(with assessments)

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