DISC Personality Profile Certification

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DISC Personality Profile Certification

Please join us on July 12 for our public DISC Personality Profile Certification. This full-day training session will get participants certified in two of Profiles Asia Pacific / People Dynamics’ DISC personality assessments, each with their own unique features and reports.

  • The DISC Personality Profiler (DPP)
  • The Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI)

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Participants will be expected to complete two online assessments before completing the program. The content of the trainings are as follows.

Course Outline

UNIT 1: Introduction to DISC

  1. History of the DISC Four Quadrant Model
  2. DISC Four Quadrant Model Theory
  3. Development of DISC Four Quadrant Questionnaires

UNIT 2: Development of the PPI and DPP

  1. The PPI Scales
  2. Behavioral Characteristics
  3. Critical Team Factors
  4. Selection of Items for the PPI
  5. Deletion of Vague and Ambiguous Items
  6. Deletion of Negative Items
  7. Avoidance of Gender-related Items
  8. Compatibility with Business People
  9. Most- Least Response Technique

UNIT 3: Development

  1. Rationalization
  2. Reduction of Items

UNIT 4: DPP & PPI Scoring

  1. PPI Motivational Intensity Scale
  2. PPI & DPP Team Analysis
  3. Reliability Analysis
  4. Construct Validity

UNIT 5: Reports

  1. DPP Reports
  2. PPI Reports:
    • Individual
    • Management
    • Team

To successfully complete the certification training, participants must successfully complete the workshop and an online “open book” exam.

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The investment for this course is P10,000 plus VAT, and includes all training and testing materials.

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June 25, 2018at 7:45 am

Hi good morning,
I am quite interested in the program as we also use the test in our company so it would be very useful for me to get training. However I’d like to know will there be CPD points for licensed psychometricians for this.


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