3 Hiring Questions to Gauge Culture Fit

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3 Hiring Questions to Gauge Culture Fit

Sometimes, interviews are unnecessarily long. To ensure you don’t waste your time (as well as your candidates’) try to narrow down your hiring questions to allow for more discussion versus a bullet list of Q&A. Here are 3 simple hiring questions that will go a long way to helping you gauge culture fit.

Why did you decide to become a [position]?

This cuts to the core of their motivations. Your candidates’ answers to this question will give you insight into what drives them, and whether they will fit in with your high-achieving team. Does your company need someone who is driven by their peers, or a self-starter? Do you want someone who loves their role and learning new skills related to their job, or someone who values stability and monetary rewards?

Learning why a marketer got into marketing, or why a manager got into management can also show you how they’ll interact with their colleagues and position. If someone became a digital marketer because s/he enjoys writing, it indicates high-quality writing skills. If someone applying to a leadership position enjoys that role because s/he values organization and teamwork, it’s a good sign that the candidate will fit in with and optimize a collaborative team.

Why do you want to work with our company?

This question provides insight into what the candidate knows about your brand and company in particular. You want to hire people who want to work with your brand versus simply earning a paycheck. If they’re well-researched and understand your company culture, brand vision, and overall mission, it’s a good sign they’ll do well with your company.

Look for answers that demonstrate why they want to work with [your brand], not just why they want to work.

What’s your ideal work environment?

This is a more general question that will give you insight into how your candidate prefers to work (alone, surrounded by mentors, something else?) and whether they’ll be a good fit with the working environment you can provide. Some things they may mention include working hours, equipment, availability of mentors, company hierarchy, and project management tools. Take note of how many of their “ideals” align with the work environment your teams already thrive on.

These three questions are by no means an exhaustive list of everything you should ask to gauge culture fit. However, they provide a good starting place if you’re in the early hiring stages or only have time to ask a few questions per candidate.

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