Meeting tools to increase productivity

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Meeting tools to increase productivity

Whether you’re having a meeting virtually or in the office, there’s some great software out there to keep everyone on the same page. Use these meeting tools to share your screens, take collaborative notes, align timezones, or met virtually with your colleagues and clients.

Meeting platforms


Skype is an online instant messaging and video chat platform that’s free to use, and allows you to make calls as long as you have an Internet connection. You can invite multiple participants to a meeting, share screens, or call a local phone using this tool.


GoToMeeting is an online meeting platform that built for professional use. It has end-to-end encryption, making it one of the more secure meeting platforms. All users get a unique URL for their meetings, which they can use as a base of operations.


Zoom is a web conferencing service that supports online meetings, webinars, conference rooms, and video/voice/screen sharing.

Join me provides free screen sharing, online meetings, and web conferencing. They operate on mobile, support webinars, and a mobile whiteboard wherein everyone on your meeting can collaborate in real time. They are fully editable and downloadable as PDFs.



Calendly is a meeting scheduler that makes it easier to find a time where all parties are free to meet. Just start an account, add your open times, and others can book 15, 30, and 1-hour meetings. As they take timeslots, Calendly will register that those times are taken and won’t show them as open in your options.

This free and convenient Gmail add-on allows you to quickly schedule any meetings you’ve discussed via email. Eliminate double bookings by adding your available timeslots directly into your emails, and allowing recipients to reserve a slot. It automatically converts timezones and sends notifications to all parties before a meeting.


NeedToMeet allows you to create a unique meeting link to invite attendees, get notifications before a meeting, view and edit all meetings in one dashboard, and schedule meetings in 3 steps: enter meeting details, suggest dates and times, and invite attendees. The tool will find a common time that works for everyone.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to add reminders and events to your meeting, and invite participants. Once they accept, it will be automatically added to their calendars as well. You can add notes to the meeting, such as where it will take place, or the agenda.

World Meeting Time

Schedule meetings with up to 15 guests, plus you. This tool allows you to save regular meetings and automatically reconciles dates and times across timezones. You can see what time it’ll be between different guests by moving their cursors on a world map.

Every Time Zone

A visual display of different timezones.

Notes and minutes


Create and share meeting notes, the minutes, and collaborate with your fellow attendees online. You can create a checklist for the agenda, assign action items coming away from the meeting, and even do a text search on handwritten notes.

Google Keep

Google Keep is great for taking personal notes during meetings. It’s UI follows a sticky note design, and allows for checklists, reminders, and color coding.

Google Docs

Collaborate online in real-time on a Google Doc, where you and your team can take notes and send comments that will be immediately visible for whoever else has access.

What meeting tools do you use?

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