Salesperson hiring tips: How to hire your first salesperson

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Salesperson hiring tips: How to hire your first salesperson

Hiring salespeople is crucial in industries like retail, where you need someone who will facilitate the sale, work the register, etc. However, in businesses like agencies (which commonly run on referrals), and SaaS companies (wherein marketing can pull in enough customers), the need for a salesperson isn’t always clear.

When you have the luxury of analyzing your need for a salesperson, you’ll be able to make the selection with a more meticulous set of criteria. This article is all about salesperson hiring tips to get your top performer and ensure you don’t regret onboarding a sales team.

Is it time for your business to hire a salesperson?

Salesperson hiring tips

Experience, not relevance

Look for someone who has experience in your industry, instead of just relevant experience. If you run a print agency, hire a project manager who has worked in the print industry before, not someone who used to manage a restaurant.

How well do they sell themselves?

Watch their behavior and attitude during the interview. Did they come on time? Are they dressed well? Can they sell themselves well? Being able to sell their skills is one of the first things a salesperson has had to master, so if he or she can’t do that then be wary of their mastery in persuasion.

Make sure they can sell your product

A salesperson may be great at selling themselves, but you should also make sure they can work with your products or services. You can do this by asking them to start a trial period, handle a customer support interaction, or having them try to sell you your product on the spot.

Find someone who asks good questions

If your job candidate is asking intelligent questions to get answers he’ll need to know for the job, it’s likely he understands what will go through your customers minds as they learn about your product. Hire someone who demonstrates critical thinking by seeking knowledge they’ll need to be a great salesperson.

What are your salesperson hiring tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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