Productivity tips: Are you a maker or a manager?

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Productivity tips: Are you a maker or a manager?

Knowing the difference between a maker and a manager, and where you fall in the spectrum, can be crucial to your productivity. It affects how you should structure your day, handle meetings, and approach collaboration. This post provides some productivity tips for organizing your day.

What’s a manager?

A manager is a leader whose responsibility leans toward project management, organization, and keeping clients happy. A manager in a business scenario is someone who gets most of their work done in meetings, via delegation, and is important for quality assurance.

The biggest concerns of a manager include getting deliverables to clients, making sure the company is profitable (revenue versus cost), and ensuring continued business success.

Best schedule for a manager: Managers are able to divide up their day into segments, and meetings are still productive for them; Their day isn’t thrown off if they take a break.

What’s a maker?

A maker is also known as a technician, and they are responsible for creating deliverables. A maker is a writer, designer, developer, and anyone else who creates the products or services that your business sells. If you run a PR agency, your makers would be the people who write press releases and land placements.

The biggest concerns of a maker are creating quality deliverables within deadline. They are responsible for producing what clients want.

Best schedule for a maker: A maker needs uninterrupted periods of time to finish his or her work. Meetings are disruptive to makers’ days, since it breaks up their periods of continuous productivity.

Whereas managers can hop from meeting to task and remain productive, makers tend to get into a workflow that shouldn’t be disturbed. If you’re a maker and must attend meetings, try to schedule them all on one day of the week, or get them out of the way in the morning. Having a meeting looming may disrupt creativity and focus, as the maker will have it on mind.

Are you a maker or a manager?

Knowing whether you’re a maker or a manager will allow you to adjust your schedule and working practices for maximum productivity. If you’re a maker, avoid meetings unless it’s completely necessary. And if they are, then schedule them first thing in the morning, or during a set day.

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