Onboarding checklist for your new hire and existing team

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Onboarding checklist for your new hire and existing team

Bringing in a new team member is challenging not just for that new hire, but also for the team. This onboarding checklist is a guideline to help you achieve a smooth transition for your new hires as well as the teams they’re joining.

Before the candidate search

  • Consult with the team that has an opening to find out their wants and needs.
  • Ask the department head what the ideal candidate looks like.
  • Draft the job description, outlining responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations.
  • Include a qualifier in the job description (ie. instructions to include a special word in the application).

During recruitment

  • Get the team that will be accepting the new hire involved in the recruitment process.
  • Have people from the team take turns interviewing different applicants.
  • Utilize assessments to effectively match candidate skills and personalities with the team.
  • Ask the candidate about any concerns they may have with taking the job.
  • Asl the team about any concerns they have with the top 3 candidates.

Once someone has been hired

  • Call them to let them know they’ve gotten the job.
  • Send an email introducing the company and team more thoroughly.
  • Have their future team introduce themselves to the new hire, and share one thing about each of themselves.
  • Send any forms that need to be completed beforehand, so their first day is efficient right from the start.
  • Assign a mentor to guide them through the first few days.
  • Schedule frequent (once a week) check-ins during the first few months.
  • Have the employee rotate around a few different departments to see how their job will affect others.
  • Provide a guide to office policy and give them a tour of the processes and facilities.


  • Check in with the new hire regularly to discuss concerns, praise, and gauge progress.
  • Check in with the team regularly to see how the new hire is contributing to the team.
  • Provide regular learning and development opportunities to keep your team updated in the industry.
  • Maintain teamwork by hosting regular team building activities.

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