How To Keep Employees Motivated

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How To Keep Employees Motivated

Knowing how to keep employees motivated as the end of the year approaches is a key in reaching your targets and goals before 2016. Your workforce is the backbone of your business, and their productivity will dictate the company’s success as the year end approaches. Here are a few tips to help you motivate your team and ensure the year ends strong.

Help them relax

The holidays are a stressful time for many companies, with deadlines to hit and goals to meet. Consider hiring a masseuse or having a spa day for your team to help them relax and get them rejuvenated for that final big push at the end of the year.

Reserve the holiday party for the last day of work

Once you have your company celebration, your team will switch into vacation mode. That means you shouldn’t expect much work to get done after they’ve already had the company “end of the year” party. Save it for when it’s truly the end of the year, after all the important tasks have been done.

Offer extra holiday perks

Free coffee in the mornings or holiday-themed snacks in the afternoon can give your employees something to look forward to during the day, instead of dreaming about their upcoming vacation plans. Providing even just a small surprise for coming into the office can do wonders for keeping employees motivated.

Keep everyone engaged

Engaging your team members is the key to keep employees motivated, no matter what the season. You can do this by making sure everyone understands the company mission and how their roles fit into the success of the company, ensuring all tasks are aligned, and keeping communication lines open. Encourage your team to ask questions when they need to, and ask for their feedback on decisions when appropriate as well.

Use positive reinforcement

Remember to thank your employees for doing their jobs well throughout the year. Highlight what they’ve achieved and successes, recognizing all employees for something. You can do this through an email, notes or stopping by their desks and saying thank you. Positive recognition goes a long way in keeping motivation up throughout the end of the year, because it reminds them that you acknowledge and appreciate what they do.

What do you do to keep employees motivated? Let us know in the comments below.

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