Bringing PMAP To Malaysia

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Bringing PMAP To Malaysia

Philippine KL Labor Attache Nelia Olivera with Profiles Asia Pacific Managing Director Jocelyn Pick taken at the KL Philippine Embassy

In line with its 2014 Agenda of bringing the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) to the ASEAN Integration, and to expand beyond borders by establishing chapters in various ASEAN countries, PMAP President Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez reports from the sixty-third floor of Tower One of the PETRONAS Twin Towers. Jimenez was meeting with Encik Dr Rizal Abdullah, and Puan Amy Abrizah Ab Asiz, senior HR executives of Petronas and their staff. They have confirmed that the top HR official of Petronas will come to the Cebu on September 17 for the PMAP National Conference to share “Malaysian Best HR Practices Across the ASEAN Region In The Context of the Integration.” Earlier, the PMAP delegation visited the corporate headquarters of MAYBANK to meet an Industrial Relations Expert in Malaysia, who has agreed to join PMAP in Cebu to speak on “IR Challenges and Opportunities in the ASEAN Economic Community.”

PMAP and the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) has concluded that PMAP and its counterparts in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Brunei will be coming to the Philippines to organize the HR Support Commission for the ASEAN Economic Community (and the ASEAN integration). There will be three meetings with Petronas, Maybank and the MIRHM as the three anchors of PMAP’s official mission to Malaysia.

The ASEAN integration is a tough nut to crack. Some of our neighboring countries have been preparing their human capital for the integration as early as 1997, but the Philippines is doing well despite concerns.

PMAP’s advocacy this year to take advantage of the opportunities and safeguard against threats to our human capital that will result from ASEAN integration. The Filipino Workers’ Resource Center (FWRC) has also been briefed on the integration process and prospects for our migrant workers.

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