How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Finding and Using Talent

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Finding and Using Talent

LinkedIn is social media networking site designed for professionals and businesses. As such, it is a wonderful channel to both find, and utilize your human capital. Finding talent on LinkedIn consists of networking and well-placed job openings, whereas using talent to grow your LinkedIn influence capitalizes on team cooperation and diversity of skills.

Finding Talent

  • The careers tab, featured on your homepage, is a great place to list job openings at your company. List open positions in the order you want them shown.
  • In order to get more reach for your openings, try starting a LinkedIn group in your related industry. Start relevant, interesting and useful conversations in the group to attract quality members.

Using Talent

  • The success of a LinkedIn page is a team effort. Ask your employees to generate thoughts, updates and contributions. This will result in a wide variety of topics and create interest throughout multiple groups.
  • Get employees and LinkedIn members excited about your page by adding value for them. Tie LinkedIn contribution to annual bonuses, or make it a point in employee evaluations.
  • Provide training and opportunities for employees to create full LinkedIn profiles that they enjoy investing time in. Expose employees to compelling information that they can share on LinkedIn and help them become LinkedIn thought leaders in your company’s industry.

Recognize that your company’s human capital is the most important part in maintaining your LinkedIn page for influence, quality content, and thoughtful conversations. Find your most intelligent and insightful employees and encourage them to contribute to your LinkedIn page and groups. If you have even as few as three different, unique points of view on your page, posting once a week, you will be generating useful conversations multiple times weekly.

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