How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Features and Content

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Features and Content

A LinkedIn Company page offers a number of different features to optimize content and convey important information to visitors. The page design has been tested and developed so that a company can feature what they want, and garner attention with well-placed call-to-actions.

Products and Services

  • The Products and Services sidebar on your homepage is a way for visitors to see what your company offers immediately. Get visitors interested in how you can help them, and drive engagement.
  • Feature your primary product so it shows up first, and order your products and services according to prominence in the company.
  • The Products and Services sidebar does not have to be exclusively products or services; it could feature an event, such as a conference, or a downloadable report.
  • Ask for recommendations! Good recommendations from people who have tried your products and services can drive more consumers to take action and purchase.


  • The overview section of your company page shows up at the top, and should create interest immediately. Include a call to action and use it to drive engagement.
  • Update often with interesting, relevant, and valuable information.
  • Tip: Once you link an article on a status update, LinkedIn will automatically find the webpage and image. Once a preview has shown up, you can delete the original URL to keep your update short and sweet.
  • Always include a call-to-action or engaging content in your updates. Some unique ideas include holding a contest or drawing, linking to a downloadable resource, or using an infographic to illustrate your message.

Keep an eye out on the Profiles Asia Pacific blog for further tips on optimizing your LinkedIn page. Our next article will cover finding and using talent to increase your social impact on LinkedIn.

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